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Tips For Cleaning The Bathrooms Are Naturally

Bathroom cleanliness is crucial. In addition to health reasons, clean bathroom be a reflection of the cleanliness of the house owner. The easiest way to clean is to use a liquid made from chemicals. But, there's nothing wrong from now on you are using natural ingredients that are safer for the environment. Here are some tips to clean the bathroom naturally:

Cleaning and maintaining the Bathtub and bath water

Bathtub that has begun to yellow, to make it shiny again, you can use a saline solution mixed with turpentine and rub it on the tub and rinse with water if there are stubborn stains in the bathtub, you can give a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to the cream of alum, then apply the stain and let it dry for several minutes. Then, give it another squeeze of lemon or lime juice and rubbed against the wall of the tub, then rinse again with clean water. Get used to fill the bathtub with cold water first and then hot water, if the direct filling it with hot water bath over time will quickly crack crack.

Clean the bathroom walls and floors

The bathrooms are every day use, the walls and floors should be wiped with a clean cloth moistened with a little non-abrasive cleaning agents. After that rinse with clean water. Do this every day. Another way could be to rub the bathroom floor with disinfectant. Or it could use the same alum and the way when cleaning the tub or bath tub. For homes where the water contains lime, usually stained walls and limestone bathrooms. To eliminate water and salt to make the ratio 1: 2 then wash the stained part with the saline solution.

Cleaning the toilet

Pour a little bleach into the toilet or drizzle with a suitable cleaning powder. But do the same because it can be dangerous. Then brush with a toilet brush. Clean the toilet seat with disinfectant. Clean the toilet with a toilet brush after it do not forget to rinse the brush with hot soapy water. If your toilet clogged, immediately buy as much as 5 pounds of salt, finely crushed salt and sprinkle it in the toilet. And toilet back smoothly.

Cleaning and maintaining the water tap

Rub the faucet with a cleaner for stainless steel. Then rinse with hot water. Wipe the faucet to dry. If the valves rather thick lime stained, take a cotton swab and a few drops of vinegar. Cotton rubbing it on the faucet for several minutes. After that leave for 1 to 2 hours. Lime stain would be dissolved. If your tap water is dirty, use a cotton swab and a piece of clear plastic. Punch a hole through the plastic and cotton input into it. Tie the mouth of the faucet and the water coming out of the faucet will be clean and clear. If your water faucets clogged, remove the faucet head with vinegar water and soak overnight, then dirt (calcification) that clog the valve will come out. After that, rinse with clean water and reinstall it.

Disposal launched a clogged water

1. Enter the baking soda or bicarbonate of soda into the drain hole channel.
2. Boil vinegar or vinegar as much as 1 pint or 473 ml. Then pour the vinegar into the hole that had been closed pelan2 baking soda.
3. Be careful, they will keep the face of the hole. Because the chemical reaction directly visible and can squirt saaat.
4. Wait for 2 hours or more, open the faucet and let water flow for smooth exhaust pipe for 10 minutes.

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Cleaning The Bathroom
Cleaning The Bathroom 
Cleaning The Bathroom 
Cleaning The Bathroom 
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