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Designing a Japanese Style House

Japanese architecture style house is characterized by simplicity and natural accent. The designs are initially deliberately designed to withstand earthquakes and weather houses can be adapted to the style of your home. Japanese architecture contains a philosophy of "zen", which contains the character. Thus, it is not surprising aspects of efficiency and multifunction room becomes an important element to create a quiet and simple room.

Japanese homes were very simple and the boxes just as characteristic of minimalist furniture. Another case in which a lot of minimalist traditional furniture made of wood, but still not too much detail. In Japanese homes will be very thick aura of simplicity, about the furniture was not much laid and deliberately designed built-ins.

Selection of furniture is more to the function, not as a decoration. Form of a cube or even dominate the geometry of the box from furniture to wall ornaments, ornament display. One characteristic of Japanese-style dwelling is paved with tatami floor. Tatami is a kind of carpet or rather a thick mat made of woven straw. Usually placed in the dining room Lesbian Japanese style.

whereas the following is how to design interior japanese style house is very simple in your room.

Tidy up the Living Room
Previously we should first trim living room with a way to get rid of any objects that seem complicated. There needs to be consideration for maintaining adequate furniture in the room. Japanese-style house always looks simple and comfortable as well. So at least we only need the extra seats.

Using Japanese furniture
Japanese furniture generally has a dual purpose, functional and stylish at the same time. Choosing furiture japan is not hard you can choose furniture such as antique Japanese Tansu to give effect to interior design with Asian-style Classic. You can push the Japanese design style not only with Japanese furniture, but to also put Japanese paper sliding doors or use tatami mats.

Color Selection of Rooms
Color in the room was felt to be very important to have the most value in an interior design. You can use neutral colors on walls and floors. Ensure adequate lighting from windows. screen allows the light to spread some soft natural light to filter through during the day, while the soft lighting of lamps or sconces simple paper that big in the evening.

Decorative Pieces
Besides it can also display a framed piece of calligraphy or too small bonsai pot. Another idea could also use fountains or Zen-zen garden in the corner of your room instead of the centerpiece. The most tasteless is the soft voice of calm water so add a special touch of harmony in every room.

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