Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Renovation With Cheap Prices

Here are some home remodeling steps in order to cut costs and earn a healthy extra space, among others:

1. Child's bedroom is shifted to the rear. Child's room will occupy some open land in the backyard. This process produces a child's room a larger, measuring 3mx3m.

2. To make a child's room, just by making the roof and build a new wall at the rear. Three other areas of the wall is an old wall. That way, the cost is more efficient.

3. Shifting the location of the new child's room leaving space in the area of ​​"former" child's room earlier. This area is used as family room.

4. Shift to the back room to make space in the middle tend to be darker. To that made ​​skylights. The same thing (with the size 80cmx100cm) was also installed in the living room. Skylights made ​​from 3mm acrylic (as ceiling) and glass roof on the roof. So that the sun is not too glowing, lined, skylights hole like a chimney from the triplex.

5. Bedroom and bathroom attendants made ​​behind the main bathroom. Placement of bathroom attendants adjoining the main bathroom, making them no longer need to create a new sewerage. Sewer new bathroom can sewer move main bathroom.

6. Last is the repair of damaged building elements. Damaged ceiling is made new. The entire floor tiles were replaced.

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Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Home Renovation


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