Thursday, December 15, 2011

Designing a Wooden House

Wooden houses are special, when the evening was warm and when the day was cool. Currently the home of Modern Wood began much in demand. The desire to get closer to nature to be the reason. Presenting a beautiful natural atmosphere at home is the way people who live the big city to continue to feel the comfort of the countryside, to feel the cooler air, and natural which is currently more difficult to find, especially in the urban big design. We can choose according to taste us, there is a modern type, minimalist, java, asia, Norway, Europe, and America.

Of course we already know the basic properties of wood. Woody material as strong as concrete or steel. Wood even had many weaknesses. So, we must be very clever to get around. Because the end result of high aesthetic value, sometimes a lot of people could not help but be willing to risk it. For example, termites eat wood, discoloration and wood structure when exposed to heat and rain, damp, and others.

Some things to consider in building or designing a wooden house:

1. Types of wood
We prepare a timber with good quality. The selection of wood species is very important, we must be good at choosing the type of wood strong durable to weather changes, resistant to water and termites.
2. The foundation of the house
We recommend that in making wooden house, wooden house position is not directly above the ground because the wood will easily weathered, wooden floors and walls should be floating above the ground, by using a stone or concrete foundation.
3. Wood preservatives
Due to the nature of weathered wood that is easy and vulnerable to termites. To be preserved wooden house is not easily rot or termites, we can use paint, polish, anti-termite or other wood preservative for coating.
4. Care and hygiene
Care and hygiene is crucial in addition to health is also to maintain the durability of wooden houses, with diligent cleaning every part of the house is guaranteed we will be preserved wooden houses and stay healthy and comfortable.

Hopefully a few tips about the wooden house is helpful, good luck.


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